III. Memento

Ongoing project. This project was exhibited at the Accessibility and Inclusion Student Showcase in the Cooper Hewitt in New York City and received the William Randolph Hearst Award.

Collecting moments in life is often aided by photography and videography. Frozen scenes are saved and can later be used to recall events. Being visually impaired or blind demands a different flow of actions. How to give people who are blind a tool to collect, store and relive moments through touch?

The concept is to go from a visual, representation to a tactile representation.

Memento is a series of products that gives people with blindness a system to collect, store, and relive tactile representations of visual scenes. By using a 3D camera as input,scenes are processed into a braille pixel grid (braixels) forming a relief texture. This 3D surface is coming to life and changing continuously in the desktop, handheld and bracelet through moving braixels.

the prototypes.

Detail view of the moving braixels.

The 3 prototypes; a handheld grid, a desktop grid and a more intimate bracelet grid.

Users can scan the current environment, capture experiences, as well as flipthrough already saved scenes. By freezing and collecting important momentsin life, they can be retouched years after.

User testing of the prototypes.

the design process.

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