V. Fashion for disability

This project was part of the Open Style Lab research program that teams designers, engineers, and occupational therapists to create functional yet stylish wearable solutions with and for people with disabilities.

Open Style Lab 2018. Team Rachel Handler.

For this project I collaborated in a small team comprised of designers with different skill-sets. Through conducting a series of interviews with a client with a disability (a below the knee amputation) we determined a framework and process that prioritizes a concise goal and led to the creation of a wearable solution. 

Our goal was to create a garment that can be easily reconfigured to either hide or show a part of the body, as well as making moving around the city easy and comfortable.

The team, also consisting of Helena Avraham, Eraince Wang and Nuomeng Zhang.

Journey map to describe Rachel’s daily routine. It illustrates the whole process of when she goes to an audtion. This map helped us pinpoint her difficulties and guided us to design the garment for her.


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